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Join me here in my home on North Carolina’s Outer Banks.

Focus:   Personal Mentorship – Shoot, Edit, Books, Career Development.

When: May 19 - 25 / May 26 - Jun 1, 2019
Outer Banks, North Carolina
8 student limit
$ 3,400

A hard copy zine will be produced in this class…

*Personal travel expenses, lodging and meals are not included.*

Questions? alejandramartinezcontacto@gmail.com

From my beloved home in the Outer Banks of NC, I’m inviting a handful of students to attend a personal mentoring, career development class. This will include how to start on a personal project that will take you into the world of high level photography, how to think about books, how to get a commission…how to think about your shooting. Why do it at home? Because right now I am assembling two book projects and the most exciting part of building a book is when it “goes to the wall.” Now is that time. Catch me here, and you get a view inside my head and inside the process.

My workshop mentoring style is very different than curriculum teaching. I do not roll down a checklist. I look at your work, I listen, I demonstrate, and I offer advice and suggestions based on years of hard-earned wisdom as both a commissioned magazine photographer and independent book publisher. 

So with me at home and in a perfect mood and wrapping up my book projects, what’s in it for you? Well, frankly, this is exactly when you want to catch me. This is me in my element. I’m on my own front porch, looking at your work and talking about your career. I will help edit your past work, and mentor you on what to do next. Critique could come from pictures you shoot here in the Outer Banks or from your past work. Some may want to shoot, some may simply want to edit and build a book. Some may do both. All will benefit from the ongoing discussions we’ll be having.

I will do a FaceTime (or Zoom) video interview with each prospective student to see whether shooting or editing will be their emphasis. Some photographers need one thing, some need another, and we’ll keep the group small to ensure the perfect environment to really help you move forward.

Each day we’ll gather to review the previous days work from those shooting… always a learning experience for everyone.

Spring is a fine time of year down here. The best. So come on down. Shoot, edit, hangout, talk shop and most of all, learn. Beach sandals, cold beer, and a camera. You won’t want to leave. 

-David Alan Harvey-





February 17-23, 2019

David with his class in Old San Juan on the last morning of the workshop.

Click below to see work from this year’s inspiring class here:


About David Alan Harvey Workshops

David Alan Harvey, Magnum Photographer and founder of Burn Magazine is a highly sought after mentor and teacher. His workshops are philosophical explorations into the heart of your work and motivation. They are about your own personal growth. A champion of authorship and voice he seeks out your personal obstacles and gives you a good shove to move yourself beyond them, then greets you with a high five and a beer on the other side. As anyone who has taken one of David’s workshops will tell you, once you take a workshop with him, you are essentially his student for life. He sticks with those who want to move ahead with their work for book publishing, gallery shows, etc. If you do the work, he will be there to help you push it forward.

DAH Workshop description

In his weeklong workshops you will be asked to shoot an essay of your own choosing. Each day you shoot, each morning there is a group review and critique session. At the end of the week his team produces a slideshow of the work created. So, in this short week you get the experience of being a working photographer, shooting, working with an editor and experiencing the pressure of a real deadline. Each workshop is different, but depending on the timing and location you may also enjoy guest teachers that include picture editors and curators, jam sessions with other iconic photographers and the occasional field trip to shoot alongside David.



Comments from previous workshop attendees: 

“David is one of the most insightful & inspiring teachers I have ever had. He is demanding but cares immensely about the work of his pupils. Throughout the workshop he encouraged us to push ourselves. I achieved some of my best work in his class.”
—  Sandra Cattaneo Adorno

“A truly inspirational process from start to finish!” — Kevin J Mellis

“Take David’s workshop if you want to stop taking tourist photos. You’ll never approach photography the same way again.”
— Roddy MacLeod

"David, within what felt like an instant, honed in on the areas I needed the most guidance. He helped me address and push through issues I was not even aware I had. His mentorship has changed not only my photography but how I view my work in the context of my life. I am forever grateful to him for all that I have learned, his time, energy, and the continued interest and support he shows in my work & my progress as a photographer. An opportunity to learn from him is priceless." — Lauren Koplowitz